14 March 2016

Coconut Concoctions

So last year for Easter I made an incredible tasting coconut cake. And today another cool coconut cake came through my FaceBook feed, and I am going to have to try it. Soon. I am already thinking about the substitutions. Like coconut oil vice canola.

This cake marries two favorite flavors of mine and Scott's - coconut and malted milk. The frosting contains butter, creme of coconut and vanilla! Yum! 

And I found another coconut themed "recipe" to try tonight.  Coconut oil, honey and salt. Tastes like caramel and is supposed to be a natural remedy to help one sleep through the night.

Note: I tried this last night (because I didn't publish this post before TWD) and I can report that I 1) thoroughly enjoyed the taste of this delight, and 2) I slept like a baby until my alarm woke me up (low battery) in the middle of the night. Will have to try this again soon...


  1. That Tiffany blue coconut cake is GORGEOUS! Perfect for Easter.

    1. I know! I am excited about this cake. Maybe I will try to make a practice cake now that we are back from our Spring Break camp trip!


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