29 March 2016

Getting Down and Derby

Last year we punted the Derby Party because we were covered up with activities and everyone else was busy too, but this year we are excited about hosting it again.

And looking at what's trending in derby party ideas I see that I need more roses, horses, hats, argyle and bowties! 
Speaking of bowties,  I found a cute craft to do with the kiddos that can be used as decoration for the party - a Bowtie Pasta Garland or maybe a take home craft.

We'll likely have some of the following treats at the party.
And I found a new way to incorporate roses into the party - Rose Ice Cubes! I love this idea! My roses are organic so they would be cool to use in drinks... or a non-alcoholic drink bowl or jar...

We want to have more things for the kids to do like making paper plate bonnets and bowties, designing their own silks and maybe a horse race of their own. Otherwise...

Mud Cookies
See what I mean?
So far the ideas for decorations (in addition to what we did 2 years ago) are:
  • Horseshoe in Cork Jar
  • Horse wood pallet art:  I want to deconstruct a pallet and paint it dark, then paint a white silhouette of a horse
  • Photo booth background with plywood and fake grass
I'm still gathering ideas and getting stoked!

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