11 March 2009

That Just Happened

Met Emi for lunch at her school today and it was bad. I didn't pack Emi's lunch today (FAIL) and I was starving so we ate from the cafeteria offering: "chicken" nuggets with mashed "potatoes" for me and a hamburger (or as Inspector Clouseau would say, "d'amburgert") for Emi. I was barely able to consume my lunch with the constant barrage of questions coming from the little girls. Most were talking about how they lost their teeth and some were talking about how others lost their teeth and yet others were talking about boys being pests. Typical First Grade lunchroom talk, I suppose. In contrast the girls table was a Pressure Cooker of Conversation whereas the boys table was more of a Boxing Ring.

Here are some actual questions/comments that I received:

Are those fake nails? Nope, these pathetic things are mine.

Will this apple make my tooth come out? Most likely, yesh!

Why is Emi's skin black and yours is white? Me: Because that's the way God made us. Emi: Actually I wasn't grown in her belly.

So Emi was adopted? Yes.

How was Emi adopted? Her biological mom picked us to be Emi's parents before Emi was born.

So Emi's sisters are with her Real Mom? Yes.

How was the Philippines discovered? [What? This was actually a carryover from a Girl Scout gathering at our home last month to learn about the Philippines and earn a cooking badge.]

Wow! Maybe next week I should have a "meeting" during Emi's lunch hour..

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