01 March 2009

Peace, Love and the Big 4-0

Feb 251

Well, we had a Big Party at our last night to celebrate my Officially Getting Old ... We partied like it was 1969 with fondue and other finger foods that one might find at a party during that year. Some of us even dressed in '69-ish attire. For a party icebreaker, we wrote the names of important people, places and things from 1969 on name tags and placed them on each guest's back. The object of the game was to find out what was on your tag by asking each guest a single yes/no question. Winners received Girl Scout cookies. We'd played this game before but this theme was the most fun because of the year ..what a famous year. There was Hurricane Camille, First Eye Transplant, AARPAnet (percursor to the Internet), Hee Haw, Sesame Street, John and Yoko, Abbey Road, Vietnam, etc...

Peace Sign Candles

We tried to recreate the pic of John and Yoko doing their Bed In for Peace in Amsterdam (the fully clothed version) but I am not so sure I look peaceful in the picture. I was perhaps a little agitated at having to pose and wait for the kidro to take the picture already. Here you can view some Party Pics.

Best Birthday Cake Ever

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