09 March 2009

Almost Cake

Made this cake Saturday night against all odds. Leftover from my birthday party were a bag of key limes and a partial bottle of rum (among other things) and I just happened to have coconut on hand because I am a coconut freak! So I was ecstatic to find the Key Lime Coconut Cake recipe featured on Smitten Kitchen while I was recovering from said birthday party Sunday afternoon. Several days got away from me last week and finally Saturday I had to make this cake already....and we were out of eggs. Scott came to the rescue and brought some eggs home on his way home from the hardware store. Then I realized that we were out of milk and I didn't think that soymilk or chocolate almond milk would be a good substitute! Why oh why didn't I buy that Shelf Stable Milk that I had in my hand on Thursday, for emergencies? Emi ran next door to borrow a cup of milk from our awesome neighbors and the cake baking was back on. Now, I am not much of a baker (SK has been tempting me to remedy that for more than a year now though) so it was really no surprise that I did not have any self-rising flour on hand. Notes in the recipe indicated that I could make my own, except that I did not have any baking powder! Not to worry, I followed the recipe to a tee, excepting that I used regular flour with no added salt or baking powder. I figured it would be similar to my banana nut bread. The cake/bread turned out really good thanks to help from Team Morgan in juicing and zesting those tangy key limes. We shared the freshly baked cake (drizzled with the rum/lime glaze) with our friends next door after dinner...this recipe is a keeper!

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