31 March 2017

Ruh Ruh Roker Face

Earlier this week, Emi and I participated in Rokerthon 2017! I wasn't sure what to expect from the description of the event, but I had friends there and also, AL! We got up way early, getting to the stadium before the 4:45 deadline, and the wind was whipping around already. The students were giving out breakfast burritos, water and Kind bars (yum!). We were ushered to a specific section to sit and await further instruction.

Sometime later, a guy came by and handed out Roker Faces. I ended up wearing mine like a turtle shell when I needed to put my hands in my pockets (or take a selfie).

Baby girl joined me for this historic event...

We sat for what seemed like forever and watched the band in the stands...

#rokerthon #guinnessworldrecord

... and then on the field forming the outline of the CONUS.

#rokerthon #guinnessworldrecord

You can see evidence that the RUF/NEKS just shot their shotguns! They did that an unsettling number of times and I'm sure that our neighbors were thrilled to start off the work week in such a way.

My friend (also sporting a Roker Face) tried to warn us one time when the RUF/NEKS were getting ready to shoot their guns again by saying "More guns!" and Emi and I thought she was saying "Morgans!" and didn't take the protective earplugging stance. #doy #cmonmorgans!

Roker Faces

Finally Al came out to greet us, and we were told to wave the Roker Faces when he did. I thought that was a weird thing to do. I mean, can you imagine coming out to greet your fans and seeing 10x life size masks of  your face vibrating through the crowd? Well, I can and that stuff would keep me awake at night! Later I heard that Al was not in on this little feature of Rokerthon.

Al Coming to Greet Us #rokerthon #guinnessworldrecord

After Al greeted us, he was whisked off to make a grand entrance into the stadium, RUF/NEK style.

Poor Al! He's too trusting!
After a check of the weather, it was OUr turn!  We were ushered on to the field and given neon yellow ponchos for the Thunderbolt People. The Cloud People were given white tops and shower caps. We were told not to take selfies while in formation, but there was a small break before the timer started when we were given express permission to take quick pictures.

I snapped 2 of myself from different angles.

Viewing Our Thunderbolt in Position

So Happy for This Poncho - It was Cold and Windy This Morning!
Then we were told to stay still for 5 minutes when the timer started. It went like this: shotgun blast, freeze for 2:30 minutes, shotgun blast at the half, freeze for 2:10 minutes more, pause timer for station break at 20 seconds left on the clock, then resume, countdown from 10,  followed by a shotgun blast. #wedidit #shotgunblast

Scott spotted us on the news footage. Emi was plugging her ears waiting for the post-record blast! I was to the right of her, wearing that poncho like my life depended on it (because it did!).

Emi Plugging Her Ears (More Guns)

We left as soon as we were allowed to come home to thaw out and watch the fun from the warmth of inside!

We did it!

There were moments that I wanted to just get outta there because it was so cold and windy, and after we got the ponchos, the birds showed up! Thank God for those ponchos! I am glad that we stayed and were a part of this historical (hysterical too) event. Boomer Sooner!

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