13 June 2015


I saw the title of my blogpost in an unfortunate parameter typo at work and thought What a cool name for a blog post! Funny how and when inspiration strikes.

I have been burning the candle at both ends and have found myself feeling a little burned out lately. Sleepwalking through my long days. Mainly because I am tired and stressed and trying to gain closure on projects, personally and professionally.

A soulution to the stress is trying to be more "in the moment". It's difficult for me but some things force me to appreciate the moment. Like this little lady. When I get home from work, she is often the first thing I see, patiently waiting for me at the window, wagging her tail when I near the porch.

This dog....love her! 

The kids have kept us uber busy with t-ball and baseball and basketball. Scott and I are frequently passing by each other on the way to one kidlet or another activity. The Little Ones scored a week long vacation with their grandparents in California and Scott and I were able to watch Emi play in a basketball tournament together, without having to monitor the younger ones. It was a nice break, but we missed them. At this tournament, I was able to try out a "new thing"...frozen pickle juice.

I had read about the benefits of drinking pickle juice for hydration and battling exercise induced muscle cramps, but I had never thought of freezing pickle juice. I am a huge fan of pickle juice but I can't make enough potato salad to use up the leftover juice from the pickle jar. Now we know how to recycle that juice. Picklesicles!

Our pickle pops do not glow in the dark...
I took a day off work yesterday to spend some quality time with the little kids while dad was away with the big kid. We biked up to campus corner and had a big platter of nachos at Chimy's.

Who Likes Nachos?

After lunch, we hit Hurts Donut Co for a couple of lunch dessert donuts.

Cotton Candy Donut
Cotton Candy
Cookie Monster is my personal fave!

Later, we swam and spent some time at the ball park, made and ate Swiss chicken salad, then went to bed dog tired. Ah, summertime!

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  1. What a fun afternoon! The two little ones are getting so big!


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