10 May 2015

Mother Lode

This past week we hit the mother lode on things: rain, thunderstorms, food and ...mothers!

Hanging with Their Lola
Lola came to visit...

During the visit we had to spend some time in the basement when the tornado sirens sounded. That was something new for the kids' lola (who survived Hurricane Camille).

Taking Shelter

As per usual, we feasted on Filipino food. Here I am rolling lumpia made with chicken and sweet potato. Yum!

Rolling Lumpia
My brother drove up for a very quick visit while my mom was in town. That was a nice surprise!

Mom and the kids
Mom with her kids...
And we actually brought to fruition the painting party idea! It wasn't exactly like I posted, but it was filled with creativity. My mom and sister were resistant at first because we didn't have any solid ideas about what to paint. My mom and I almost grabbed a couple of paint by number kits for us, but in the end we decided to wing it.

My nephew's wife was a big help in guiding us to making out own personal paintings. She helped us with sketching out the designs and words and coached us through it all. Did I mention that she works with inner city kids? She is awesomely awesome and I am glad she is in the family!

Painting Party

My mom opted to paint a daisy, my sister freehanded a beach scene, Emi painted a couple of birds, Aubri painted a horse and I painted a Suessian tree with an appropos quote: Storms make trees take deeper roots.

Finished Paintings

Now, no one would mistake my little tree and quote for a work of art, but at least is it finished. That has to count for something. My goal was to incorporate turquoise and purple into a motivational painting and I saw those words in a picture at Hobby Lobby while my mom and I were shopping for supplies and inspiration. Nailed it!

And today my family made breakfast for me and my mom. I also got a cache of chocolate and some turquoise chucks! Later, my mom and I took in a chick flick (The Longest Ride) while the rest of the family watched the new Avengers movie.

It's a been a good week and a good visit but we are all enjoying a little down time now with the cooler temps and ghost town state of my post-graduation town...

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