11 March 2011

Rhymes with cono

...not really, but sometimes it sounded like it and my thoughts drifted off to the 3rd Season of Dexter where we heard that word often...

We watched Ponyo last Friday whilst having a Living Room Picnic of Pan Fried Bean Burritos (of the Feingold - variety) and queso (of the Rotel variety). The kids were excited because they got to eat in the living room (normally not allowed), but we were not so sure...about the movie, that is. I had only heard from one friend that she was going to take her kids  to see it last year, but nothing else. So we streamed it from NetFlix hoping it would hold our interest and we were surprised. All 3 kids seemed to like it and the 2 adults did as well. I kept thinking of Speed Racer in the beginning (actually all through) and my textured wall revelation 3 years ago. The kids immediately wanted to watch it again so we give it Two Thumbs Up!

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