20 October 2005

Cover the Brake

Yes, I am still alive. We survived our move and continue to unbox stuff on a daily basis. One of these days my family will be able to eat cereal again (when I find the bowls) and I will be a happy camper when I find my Longaberger crock for my often used kitchen tools. We have a new furnace, fridge, washer, dryer and mortgage payment! I love the new "old" place.

Many, many years ago the neighborhood was a pecan grove and we still have 2 of the old pecan trees in one of our ginormous backyards. Yes, we have 2 backyards and that is a big reason why we love the place. It's like a park in the 2nd backyard!

I learned about "covering the brake" in a Defensive Driving course the other day. To "cover the brake" is to basically take your foot off of the accelerator and hover (not cover) your foot over the brake pedal just in case you need to suddenly slow down. The term caught me as very funny thinking about how many times my passenger has "covered" their imaginary brake while I was driving...

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