05 May 2010


Well, we knew it could happen and just might happen once we purged our house of Everything Baby. Emi has bugged us to adopt from Africa and Haiti and we've told her to pray about it. We had so much grief in the past in trying to start a family with 3 tubal pregnancies and 3 miscarriages (2 after IVF and FET cycles) and with failed adoption attempts that we decided to give it over to God. Years ago we agreed that if God wanted us to have (more) children, He would have to bring them TO us. He did that very quickly with Emi and when we adopted her we decided we would always have open adoption so no one involved would wonder about their family.

So this past Winter we finally got rid of the last of the baby stuff and right after I was contacted by the adoption agency about 2 toddlers. They knew we had experience in transracial open adoption and felt that we would be a good family. We were really relaxed about this opportunity because we knew that God would put the kids where he wanted them and now we know that he wanted them in the Morgan Family.

I can't begin to thank the friends and family and friends of family who have blessed us with All Things Toddler now that we have two of them in the fold. We have received toddler beds, toys galore, so many cool clothes and lots of love from so many people. Scott's work and Emi's soccer team are hosting "baby" showers for the kiddos so they will get some cool new clothes, toys and hopefully Pool Stuff soon.
The house is continually transforming with Emi moving all of her stuff up to her new room, but sleeping with her new brother and sister in their room. We're all cozy and adjusting to this new life.
Learning all over again from the little ones the importance of play and nap time and also delighting in showing them all of things that life has to offer. Last night life offered a nice piano concerto, actually Emi offered us a piano concerto while we ate dinner at the dinner table.
So what if we are behind on our stories? They are DVR'd and we'll get to them...

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