01 March 2015

Hip Hop

This morning, I am all into "hops" as I am preparing myself mentally to grow hops this year. Not a lot, just 3 little manageable plants that I ordered from The Thyme Garden.

I mentioned on my blog (3 years ago!!) that I wanted to grow hops and it's on my Living List, so that means I'm serious now.

I have been eyeballing a location that hasn't gotten much use over the past few years.


Back in 2008 I used the clothesline for its intended purpose after we restrung the line and painted the posts, but that area has seen a lot of neglect since then. I tried planting kiwi along the clothesline posts a few years back, but those plants ate it later that summer. This whole yard is sort of an eyesore except when the almond/peach tree is in bloom.

Winter Blooms

Recently I worked to remedy this in part by planting my Peace Sign Tulip garden. Not sure how that will pan out but still hoping for some color for Easter.

I've put a little more research into this effort.  I watched this video and was jealous when the dude talked about it being "hotter than Hades". We've been snowed in for a few days. I slid home from work Friday and have only been outside minimally since.

Birthday Girl
Appreciating the snow from the sunroom

Being cooped up has forced me to deep clean a couple of areas, match up mittens, find items to purge and make comfort food. We've had chicken and dumplings, French Toast casserole and a grown up version of Franks and Beans.

I need the weather to clear up so I can put down the feed bag.

Watch this space


  1. Well, I guess I got a post ahead of (or behind) myself re: comfort food and the feedbag, LOL! (Knew you "knew.") Here's to successful hop-growing beneath your clothesline -- and for LIVING your "living list!" Hop to it, girl... and let me know when the home brew is ready. :)

  2. I will. We may have to ping you when we are up your way!


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