19 January 2015

Waiting on a Sign (Peace Sign)

Day 2 of prepping the yard and taking care of things we should have already done. I got the circle bed turned over and ready to go.

My Plot of Dirt
Soaking up some Vitamin D.

I started to sketch out a pattern for the bed, but then I decided to wing it. I started the outline of the peace sign with the 54 purple and white bulbs, then I mixed in the reds and purples and finished with the Wowie Kazowie blend tulips. It started to look a little full so I opted to plant to 18 Jelly Bean Jumble tulips over my sweet Kirby's grave.

Laid Out

Now, we wait....

Later, when I was raking leaves near the chicken coop I noticed that the tulips I planted in their flower bed were already coming up. I hope that doesn't mean I missed the boat with the bulbs I planted today.

Chicken Tulips

In addition to last minute bulb planting, we raked a bunch of leaves and buzzed down several volunteer mulberry trees that popped up along the Western fence line (a couple of years ago!). I had planned on digging them up, and while I did dig up a lot of volunteer trees, these got too big before I had a chance. Luckily for me, Scott got me a chainsaw last year and this made easy work.

Unloading the Wagon

The kids played outside all day, enjoying the 70 degree temps again. Here are the Little Ones in a rare moment of helping each other out.  Emi was around too, but hanging out with her friend.

It was a great weekend and I hope I can remember this when the temps dip again...

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