26 January 2014

Putting a Bird on 2013

I was able to edit down the photos from last year, accept my music selections and condense last year into a 10:27 slideshow.

As usual, I enjoyed reflecting on the last year.

We started off 2013 road-tripping back from a much needed visit with friends and family in Florida. At the end of February I scored a great work trip escape to Oahu. I apparently like the sweater I bought at SFO on the way back from HI because I think I'm wearing it (black & white striped number) in every photo of me in every season except for Summer. Can you say "favorite?"

In the Spring we cleaned out the Frog Pond (and guess what, we have more bullfrogs!!!). We survived (the family was to the South of and I was NorthWest of) a very scary tornado. And instead of going on a vacation, we resurfaced the pool and converted it to a salt water system.

I wish I could say I had loads of time in the pool but between traveling, basketball and The Bronchitis from Hell, I didn't get much time in the pool. I vow to get more pool time this year!

July found me in Texas for basketball and family and then off to Virginia for work. In August it was Napa for a wine-tastic (work) trip to a place where one of my closest friends now lives (Hey Gail-San!)

One kid started middle school while another started elementary school. David started his Kindergarten Adventure and started losing teeth (I believe he's lost 3 total to date). Lots of transitions last year and this year will not be outdone with 3 kids in sports. Bring it!

For Fall Break we found a cool cabin retreat.  We made a politically-incorrect pinata for David's birthday celebration. We hosted Thanksgiving at our place and went to all of the family Christmas gatherings scheduled by everyone. I don't know exactly how except that one gathering was re-scheduled to earlier this month, and my mom was in town for my nephew's wedding.

Looking back, I see that during all of the flurry of activities that define our lives now, we still ended up with some quality time with family and friends. I think I probably need to make my kids watch this slideshow a few times just so they don't forget...


Morgans in 2013 from Nolita Morgan on Vimeo.

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  1. Nolita, this slice of your year... this glimpse at FAMILY life... is something everyone should see. The photos, music, and your re-cap are absolutely marvelous! Thank you so much for sharing this... I'm still smiling!


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