03 April 2013

Dirty Job

Cleaning out the pond had to be one of the grossest projects we've ever done. Shoveling muck and tadpoles and fully grown bullfrogs that Miss Kay would be happy to fry up was so disgusting at times. Especially when I'd clear out some reeds or hyacinth roots and see some slimy eyes looking at me.  

But the results were mostly worth it. 

I say mostly because the poor fish that we rescued, the ones who managed to get through 2 years of Tadpole Invasion and make it through 2 weeks in the cooler, they weren't so lucky when the hail storm hit early Easter morning. I am not sure a single fish survived. ;.( Not that there were many.  We will have to get more fish once the plants are growing.

This yucky, mucky scene is a memory now (until a few more years get away from us, right?).

Day 3 (2 weeks later)
Smelled like a sewer
And this pretty fish has been healed (via cement glue)...

...and painted...

Blue Fish
Ready to Get into the Pond

And hopefully soon will be perched in the pond or very close to add a bit of color and more splash to the pond.

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