15 October 2013

Feeling Campy / Cabin Fever / Breaking Fall (Reader's Choice)

This year we opted not to go to Winfield in favor of a more family-oriented and timelier camp trip. We really missed the bluegrass festival, but we didn't have to take 3 kidlets out of school to go on this camp trip and we also got to stay in a cabin instead of a tent.

That seems to make life so much nicer in the woods, ya know?

We stayed a stone's throw from the river and pond and if we were any good at fishing (or knew what we were doing), we'd have caught that huge trout that seemed to be mocking us (Scott).

"Low Tide"

"Low Tide"

The inlet to the pond from the Illinois River

Can you see him? (He was HUGE)
We cooked many of our meals/snacks on the fire.

CookingBiscuits and Sausage

Aubri was not happy with me because I made her cook her second sausage/biscuit combo...

188 copy
Token Trout Photo
It was a really nice break away from the hustle and bustle of life with 3 kids and all that it entails. The kids were free to run around with all of the other kids on break. We skipped rocks, collected rocks, tossed around the football/frisbee, fished, made s'mores and other treats and hung out. We met some really nice people while there and I actually ran into 2 old co-workers at the grocery store there! They probably wouldn't be jazzed about me referring to them as "old" ...they are retired and it was good to see them.

I took naps and the kids did not and somehow that worked for us. We didn't get to see a lot of leaves changing - maybe next time - but we did see a tail-less rodent that was huskier than a squirrel! Initially I thought it might have been a chipmunk but I am not so sure now that I've been googling around.... any ideas? (I was not quick enough to get a capture of the furry guy.)


  1. Nolita, it's so nice to see your family posts in between your travel musings. You've clearly struck a balance -- even if it doesn't feel like it, ha! -- and I thoroughly enjoy every post you write.

    1. Thank you, Kim! Life rarely feels balanced around here but it's not for lack of trying.


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