03 April 2013

Pool Makeover

We have needed to replaster the pool since forever and this year we decided that instead of going on a family vacation, we'd bite the bullet and make some pool repairs and replaster. We are going to get every bit of enjoyment we can from the back yard this year.

This is what the pool looked like last year.

With a Little Fine Tuning
May 2012

It doesn't look so bad in this picture, but you can't see the brushstrokes that we could. The pool had been painted instead of plastered before we moved in several years ago. I'm guessing the previous owners were trying to save a penny. The current owners were not impressed.

So, three weeks ago the pool was drained and sandblasted. We were thinking that within the week we'd have a shiny new pool, but our pool guy's cement/plaster mixing machine was broke. We weren't in a hurry to have the pool done, but it was a bit nerve wracking whenever anyone was in the back yard having a 30,000 gallon death pit back there.

First Day of Pool Work

The sandblasted look was a definite improvement from the brush strokes but we were getting a little anxious to fill the pool.

A few days ago the crew showed up to "frost" the pool. We had researched doing this ourselves a few years ago but decided that our marriage probably wasn't strong enough to survive such a project. ;.)

 Watching the video was very zen-like (with the sound muted anyway)

Our guy used a grey pigment in the plaster that will create a beautiful blue hue

After the plastering was complete, we started the long process of filling the pool. Our poor little spigot was taking so long that we decided to ask the boys next door to borrow their spigot.


With their help, it still took about 53 hours to fill up our pool.

Plastered and Filling
Two Hoses Are Better Than One

The water bills are going to hurt!


As the pool was filling up, we were busy emptying muck from the pond. But that's another blog post...

On the Third Day

After the pool was filled, we added a calcium remover to the water and then brushed the extracted calcium down to the drain hole. We have to do that so that the calcium doesn't stick to the walls (or something like that).


Now that we have the pool finished, we don't have any excuses for the rest of the yard, do we?


  1. It’s a smart decision that you repaired the pool instead of spending money for a vacation. You could reschedule a vacation, but not a pool that is in need of a total repair. Certainly, it’s worth spending money on the pool because you could enjoy more of summer there than going to a beach, or a public pool somewhere else, just to quench your desire for a splash of water. The pool looks way better now.
    -Aquos Pools

  2. It’s awesome to see the improvement on your swimming pool. You must’ve been very excited to finish it. Well, it’s all done now. You don’t have anything to worry about! Anyhow, who was the first person to jump in the pool? Hehe!
    Tiffany Fields @ Pools ‘n More


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