28 November 2011


I finally got that Advent Calendar done and I can't believe how much effort it took.  I had an old linen tablecloth and the green felt squares ready to go, but I couldn't decide on a good size for the calendar. Also, I kept thinking I could just bleach the tablecloth and still use it for its intended purpose instead of hacking it apart. I even took my materials with me to my parents' house Saturday so I could work on it and I ended up only gluing down one corner of each square (totally unnecessary in hindsight) and bringing the bag of supplies back home unassembled.

Sunday I was determined to make some headway on the project when I came across a package of cloth napkins that I'd never used. Perfect size for my 25 felt pockets. To make it hangable, I ripped the seams on the edge and forced a wire hanger through it.

Advent Calendar Finished
Now I just need to insert the activities and maybe add an elf?

Then for the next 2 days I rounded up items from my jewelry box, the craft supplies in the basement, wine glass charms, etc to adorn the pockets. Most of the time was actually spent in sewing the pockets onto the napkin. The only supplies bought were the red wooden letters. Half off from Hobby Lobby. I am truly pleased with the result and I believe that my family will enjoy it for years to come. Scott and I already have some of the activities decided, but we are going to let the kids decide on some activities too (they have already voiced movie night and picnic in the Living Room too). The Little Ones' great grandparents sent all 3 kiddos their own personal countdown to Christmas calendars filled with chocolate candies. They are definitely going to love those!

Speaking of elves (I was ^^ up there in the caption)....when did Elf on the Shelf become a thing? I saw this at Hobby Lobby last week and also DVR'd the show for the kiddos. We watched the show and I get the concept, but it seems like yet another way to commercialize Christmas.....or a genius way to make the kids behave?

Not sure that the shelf elf would work in our house. Emi has been asking us if we are Santa and while I've been able to deftly avoid the question because I have never dressed up as Santa (Scott did one year when Emi was 2 and she busted him when "Santa" left and Daddy came back home - smart girlie!). Finally tonight Scott decided to come clean with her. So now we finally get the credit for those cool gifts that "Santa" brought her all these years. She said it was weird that we are Santa and Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy and I told her what was weird is how it went from celebrating Jesus' birthday to a fat guy in a suit bringing presents and celebrating Jesus rising from the dead to a Bunny bringing chocolate and eggs. Mind you, I am not against presents, chocolate and eggs, we do it all in this house...

This Advent calendar has been the best and most meaningful Christmas craft I've ever done. I am excited about us having daily activities - 25 days of Christmas!


  1. Beautiful Nolita! Wine glass charms - what a great idea. I don't get the Elf on the Shelf thing either. Kind of creepy sounding if you ask me. ;)


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