08 April 2015

Sunshine and Hops

A month ago I posted about a goal of mine to grow hops. It's on my Living List!

My hops rhizomes arrived from The Thyme Garden just as we were getting ready to leave to go camping a few weeks ago. The instructions that came with the rhizomes directed me to put them into the refrigerator until I could plant them, so I did. The rhizomes I ordered were the Cascade Hops, Chinook Rooted Rhizome (organic) and the Sterling Rooted Cutting.

Initially I planned to plant all 3 varieties along the clothesline, but after I started digging in the yard, I decided that I wanted to place them in different areas of the yard, to add interest and fragrance.

The Sterling Hops is the only plant that will be growing on the clothesline.  I chose Sterling because I am a huge fan of silver.  The description might've influenced me as well.

slightly spicy fragrance with a herbal floral punch with notes of citrus

Sterling Hops
Sterling Hops
I chose the Chinook Hops because I occasionally hear and see Chinooks flying overhead. Plus the description is kind of sexy, no?

a distinct, medium intensity spice and pine characteristics with subtle notes of grapefruit

For these two guys, I am reusing the 2 trellises that I got 4 years ago for the kiwi plants (RIP)...

Lastly, I planted the Cascade Hops close to the chicken coop so that the vines could cascade over the chicken wire and provide shade and fragrance. Cascade hops is described much like the other two but also...

pale ale!

Cascade Hops by the Chicken Coop
Cascade Hops
I haven't crossed this item off of my living list just yet, but maybe this summer when I am enjoying a nice cold one in the yard, inhaling the aroma of my own personal hops, I will feel secure enough to call it an accomplishment.  Cheers!

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