15 March 2015


My yard is so full of weeds already that it's hard to find the beauty.  It's there in some obvious ways.


And in more hidden ways...

Peace Sign Tulip Garden

It was only two months ago that we planted a few very late season tulip bulbs here.... after seeing a cool daffodil heart shaped arrangement last year.


I am still hoping for some pretty Easter color.

And a friend of mine posted an article on the secrets of Disney World hanging baskets that motivated me to reuse those hanging baskets from last year.  We harvested a few tomatoes last year from the hanging planters, but this year we will stick with the traditional garden and cages. #fingerscrossed

Hanging Basket
And as per usual, I am on the hunt to make some yummy Easter food to share with family. So far I've found a few:

Most of my free time has been spent making way for new things in 2015. Purging the house of unused items and the yard as well. Subtle but necessary changes...

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