18 April 2014


Looking ahead to next spring, I sooooo want to do this. And I need to get going on this ASAP. I may arrange my flowers in a peace sign...we'll see.

And while I still have some flowers blooming in my yard, I will attempt to do something similar to this this weekend. Wish me luck.

And this, this cake!  Whoa! My mom loves lemon flavor/scented things so I was inspired to try to make this yummy sounding Lemon Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting for our Easter gathering. That and Deviled Eggs!

I plan to cheat a little because I don't have all of the nice ingredients that Kate calls for and I just happened to come across some Duff's Lemon Cake & Cupcake Filling and and Fudge Frosting at Target when I was looking for food coloring for the eggs. I am super excited about tasting lemon and fudge together. 

I plan to make the cake from scratch and pump up the lemony goodness with layers of the filling in between the cakes. I am not a great baker so I will need all of your good cake vibes, folks!

And recently I got my copy of Oh She Glows cookbook and have only gotten to try out two recipes, both baked chick peas and that got the thumbs up by the whole family. I want to return to the book to try out more recipes but I keep getting distracted with other recipes like the following 

Tomorrow will be a long day of baking, dying eggs, soccer games and yard work so I'm glad we have some pernil in the crockpot to save the day (or scent the house so yummily). I promise to post pics of the "actuals" to go with the inspirations above later this weekend...

Happy Good Friday friends!

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