18 May 2014

Lazy Girl Gardening (a.k.a. Let It Grow (as sung by Adele Menzina))

So far this growing season I've been very lazy. I can't keep up with my wants in the yards so I am giving myself a break, talking through what I want to do with Scott and breaking things up into more manageable sized chunks. And letting nature do her thing too, of course.

Before the Derby party, I tried to get the traditional "garden" behind the chicken coop at least partially tilled so I could plant my tomatoes (still in the pots, ya'll) after the party. I noticed that some plants had been growing out of the compost which needed turning, so I halfway attempted to turn the soil and then life moved me on to something else.

In that time period, something (Seymour?) has really blossomed (no joke) and born fruit.

Compost Garden

Now there are a few different plants growing in that tangle, but this is what I'm talking about!


I am hoping it's a kabocha squash. How lucky could I get if it is? It doesn't look like the horrible melons that took over my garden a few years ago. I am fairly certain those were (Queen Anne) Melons which while very popular in Victorian Gardens (not for eating but for their aroma), are not wanted in my garden.

And two of the six berry plants I got on sale at Lowe's are bearing fruit. My raspberries and blueberries gave up the ghost, but the blackberries are hanging in there.


I think I need to add something to that flower bed to aerate the soil a bit, just a guess. Other things seem to be thriving there, other involuntary things....

As for the tomatoes, I bought 2 hanging baskets at my first visit to the new Aldi in town and I transferred them into those planters today. We'll see what happens to them.

Speaking of Aldi, I think I need to set up things around the house to be more in line with their cart usage philosophy. You supply a quarter to use their cart and if you return the cart to the pen and engage the "leash", you get a quarter back. If you leave the cart in the parking lot, you forfeit your quarter.

I can only imagine how much moolah I'd have if I ran my household that way. A quarter for every time I put something up for someone else.


They already have tomatoes growing on them, so wish me luck!

Hanging Tomatoes

I hope you are enjoying this lovely Spring day, friends. I've had the windows open all day listening to my neighbors' tunes and taking care of little things around the house (which included a bath for the dog), soaking up home life before the crazy work week starts back up again.


  1. I think the quarter for the cart thing is strange...I'm not a fan! HA! (Which means I will probably skip the whole Aldi shopping experience).

    Lazy girl gardening! Now that's my style of gardening. Also...I tagged you to answer some questions I posted on Friday if you are up for it :)

    1. Yeah, I am not a fan of Aldi either because they don't have many items that we use. I went simply to use the $5 coupon I got in the mail and see what all the hooplah was about. I have been to the one in Moore exactly 1 time, years ago when my littles ones went to their aunt's house during the day. I don't recall the quarter thing there. And when I showed up to our Aldi, I was frazzled because I did not have a quarter on hand and this sweet young woman juggling her baby and a bunch of asparagus explained how it worked and gave me her quarter. Bless her! I will zoom on over to see the questions right now!


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