16 February 2015

Living Life Deliciously

Lately, we've been taking a big bite out of life.  Last month on a lunch date, we finally checked out a local place (called Local, hah!) and really enjoyed ourselves and our meal. Of course, 2 days later, this place announced it was closing its doors, so we decided to take the kids there for brunch before that happened. I didn't get any pictures except for the bacon "heart" resting on my Gorgonzola spinach grits.

My phone camera doesn't do it justice...

Brunch was served in 3 courses: fruit/scones/muffins/cheese, eggs/meats/grits and a variety of pancakes for breakfast dessert. My favorite item was the grits! We asked for seconds and boxed up the leftover grits to enjoy the next morning. And then we promptly left the doggie box on the table. *sad face* 

This prompted me to make my own variation on the grits, using up the rest of the Stilton blue we had left over from last month's foraging for goodies.  I didn't get pictures of THAT concoction, but it was delicious, especially topped with a fried egg!

And this past Wednesday evening, Scott and I partook in a winemaker dinner that my friend and her man were hosting in Yukon.
My friend is always posting her food porn pictures to my wall and I just have to drool long distance because she's at some winery or castle or another cool venue in California. So I was so glad they came to Oklahoma finally! I hope they set up a dinner in Norman so we can partake again.

Just look at the menu:
Saddleback Winemaker DinnerSaddleback Winemaker Dinner

Surprise 2008 Saddleback Chardonnay
A surprise, not on the menu, 2008 well aged Chardonnay. Very nice!
Another meal served in courses... I could get used to this...

Diver Scallop
Almond Crusted Diver Scallop

Maytag Lamb, Potatoes au Gratin and Haricot Verts
Maytag Broiled Lamb Chop

Pot au Creme (yum!)
Chocolate-Strawberry Pot au Creme
The food was delicious and the wine was awesome (as per usual). And it was great getting to see Gail and Nils again.

Nolita, Nils and Gail
Nolita, Nils (the "king of Cab") and Gail

I am hoping to see them again during harvest time so I can cross an item off my Living List. Of course, spending time with them in Napa will probably make my list grow longer...


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  1. Nolita, what a great way to live! (I also love your "Living List" -- thanks for the link.) This whole post made me smile... family, friends, and fabulous food... yes ma'am.


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