17 January 2015


‎I should be sorting through 2014 pictures so I can make the annual Morgan Slideshow but I came across this article on making cheese. And this cool recipe for a clean eating Vegan PB Shake.

Also, this Spring-like weather reminded me that I totes forgot to plant bulbs in a cool pattern to enjoy in the Spring. I think it's not too late so I will need to run get some bulbs!!

Yesterday was a nice day off from work.  Scott and I were able to have a delicious lunch at a cool eatery we'd been wanting to check out for a while.

LOCAL Portabello Fries with Truffle Aioli 
LOCAL Crab and Lobster Sliders with Chicken Chili and Cornbread (hea-ven!)

After lunch we checked out ReSTORE for supplies to help us in our quest to 1) convert part of the sunroom into a bedroom, knock down that wall between the office and kitchen and 3) create a cool record storage/display piece of furniture. We didn't find anything cool except what looked like an alter from a church. It looked like it could be sanded and made into a bench or a bar.

Later we did discussed modifying our existing mid-century stereo cabinet that we bought on the way to moving into this place 9 years ago. It's a cool Sears

After we left ReSTORE, I thought about a box of old octagon tiles that we found in our detached (creepy down by the creek) garage. We'll have to dig that out to see if we can use it for the Little One's Bathroom. We may need those tiles when we restore one of the 2 vintage tubs we have in my parents' barn to replace the existing tub. We're thinking the other vintage tub can go into the cabana. I was worried these tubs we got over 10 years ago would go to waste, but after watching too many episodes of Rehab Addict, I am hopeful again.

We went to Home Depot for air filters and window shopped for supplies needed for a pergola or cabana. And then we finally checked out the Lumber Liquidators store. It was not what I thought. It was only for flooring, there was no actual lumber.  ;.( We have been pulling up random corners of carpet to guestimate at what we have under there and are trying to plan for ($$$) patching in some areas that were damage and hidden before we bought the place. The trip to LL was helpful in budgeting.

We ended our date at Barnes and Noble for some coffee.  We needed to fuel up before picking up the kids from school. And we bought a cool new Treehouse Masters calendar (50% off!!).

Update: Emi and I got lucky (after finding no bulbs at all at Atwood's and Home Depot) and got three packs of tulips (18 bulbs each) for $2.00 apiece at Walmart!! They were discounted at the register (down from $7.97). As we were leaving to go to Natural Grocers, I had Emi call Scott to have him pick up more tulip bulbs. He ended up snagging two more $2.00 bags (18 bulbs each) and three $1.00 bags (9 bulbs). Now I just have to hurry and get the bulbs in the ground!

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