04 January 2015

Movie Night Picnic Adventure

Ok, so the adventure part happened before the movie.

I suggested that we have a picnic and movie at home vice going to the theatre because the weather was forecasted to get yucky. Plus I wanted some different movie fare; something we adults might enjoy a little more. My mind went to pub grub immediately so Aubri and I went in search of the Branston Pickle that seems to be a staple of every "Ploughman's Lunch" I found while researching that topic back in September.

We were getting other groceries at Sprout's, so we checked with them.  No British delight. So later, we hit Forward Foods and landed some baguette, Stilton cheese and horseradish mustard, but no pickle chutney. The lady who helped us was kind enough to suggest International Pantry, which was the next stop on our way to the regular grocery store.

We were able to procure Branston Pickle there (along with some Truffle Aioli and Anchovy Paste!) and then we wrapped up the grocery shopping at the regular grocery store.

"Ploughman's Lunch" for Our Livingroom Picnic
Movie Night Delights
Our noshing tray offered a nice variety of munchies: sliced and spreadable cheeses, water crackers and baguette; pâté and salami; cukes, grape tomatoes and black grapes; mustard and Branston pickle.

Sadly, I found out that I am not a fan of the Branston pickle. Sigh.  It reminded me a little of chunky Worcestershire sauce. I thought for sure that Aubri would like the chutney, considering that she is the only one who likes the Bread and Butter pickles we accidentally bought a couple of weeks ago, but even she wasn't a fan.  I think we will have to do something creative with the the remainder chutney - maybe a sharp cheddar and pickle grilled cheese? Or heated up a bit and served over a brick of cream cheese with crackers?

After Gracie received her fair share of the pâté, she snuggled up to David for a mid-movie nap.

First Time for Gracie to Chill on David

I'm thinking next time we might do an Asian themed tray of goodies. A friend of mine posted how to make perfect soy sauce eggs on FaceBook and I know my family likes all manner of Asian food, so why not? Maybe we could rent an anime movie to go with the theme...


  1. We have a yummy soy ginger deviled egg at my work : wasabi yok & topped with kimchi and hot sauce
    (We also do a Greek egg that has taziki sauce & Greek pickled veggies )

    1. Yummy! Those sound like something we'd like. We will have to try those out soon...


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