30 July 2012


Last night as I was be-bopping around putting things away I walked through the office and found this in my chair...

Someone took mama's seat....

BTW, this dog has stolen my seat and my heart...

I knew we were going to have Chef Salad tonight but I didn't have a final ingredient list in my head. We had a big tub of organic go-to salad from Sam's and some cherry tomatoes and ham and assorted cheese, and we got some avocados, cucumber, cilantro and Marzetti's version of Ranch Dressing (which still sits unopened at this moment) from the store last night too. We are fans of salads in this household (actually, we are fans of food in general in this house) so I like to try to keep it interesting around here. My inspiration were those creamy avocados....I had one at lunch with the juice of a whole lime and a sprinkle of salt...yum!

Thrown Together

So, anyway, onto the green salad mix went halved cherry tomatoes, cucumber chunks, chopped sliced ham, fresh corn from the cob, purple cabbage, a can of white kidney beans (because I didn't have any black beans on hand), avocado chunks, monterey jack, cilantro, olive oil and 2 limes' worth of juice (with a pinch of salt). I tossed this together and served it with warmed tortilla halves slathered in butter. I must say this was a very satisfying meal that did not heat up the house...

The most interesting ingredients were found in the crisper (leftover cobs of corn and a half a head of purple cabbage)

Earlier today at my office I was trying to find a way to display all of the projects that I am working on currently. They are all at the same priority (high) and they are shuffled around on a daily basis. I don't want to file them away just yet because I often need a folder or 3 out to reference at a time. So I found myself in the supply room looking for a folder/binder organizer. After having no luck there, I put on my Thinking Cap and I remembered that I had a bottle dryer in the deep recesses of my cabinet to the left of the fridge. I dug around in those recesses and found something better (no bottle dryer in there) than that (guess I need to adjust my Thinking Cap, huh?).

Ta-da! Cooking stone holder or folder/binder organizer?

I bought this at a Pampered Chef party years ago but I don't have the counter space for it and I only have 2 cooking stones which already have a home. So I'm taking this to my office where it can be utilized once again...

Lastly, tonight I grabbed a handful of Little Golden Books to read to the Little Ones and 2 of the books I ended up reading I'd never read to them before. One was called Hush, Hush It's Sleepytime (vintage from the Ben Franklin store in Tahlequah - 1968) and the other was  A Blessing From Above.  That second book caught me off guard tonight as I was reading through it. It's a book about adoption and I choked back tears reading about how Mama Roo wanted a baby and how she finally got one... what a sweet way to illustrate adoption. It certainly isn't the first book we have around here about adoption, but it was a nice surprise book to find in the library.

I love it when I can manage a healthy dinner from the fridge and pantry. And I love it when I can find another use for something I spent my hard earned money on (and had the foresight to save..and no, I am not a hoarder). And I love it when a book or friend or situation speaks to me and my kids in a way they can understand. And I love it of course that my children and my pets have found their ways to us.

How about you? What are you loving these days?


  1. I'm loving your wonderful perspectives on "found" things... LOVED this post!

    P.S. Little Golden books were my kids' favorite and avocados with lime and salt for lunch are mine. :)

    1. Those Little Golden books take me back too...I remember the excitement of these books from my childhood and I'm happy to share with the Little Ones...


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