27 April 2011

Peace Path

For many years now I've wanted to construct a peace or meditation path in my yard. I came across a cool one at a park nearby about 6 years ago and thought "I can do that!" (I do this often!!).

This massive labyrinth was built as a memorial to those who perished in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing.

A few years have passed and many ideas for projects have come and gone but I think I might revisit this idea. In an area near my shed, where I had planned to install a "meditation" garden (still haven't), we have a flag pole (that normally flies a Peace Sign flag, FYI) that could be the center of the labyrinth.

Peace Flag

That project will probably remain very low on "The List" because we are currently trying to clean the pool and pond and also get the plants out of the sun room into the yarden. The extraneous fencing behind the diving board was taken down yesterday and I am going to construct a wire trellis on the remaining fence posts for my kiwi vines which are taking over their corner of the sun room...

This year we are definitely maximizing the use of our yards. The swingset has been used more this last year for sure (See Hooligans/Hobos). The dogs have their own yard. Will have to start scooping poop once we get back to hanging up the clothes to dry. Either that or we could plant more kiwi under the clothes lines. Pond and pool use has always been up there and the garden bed has been used for the past couple of years. But the area behind the swingset is a rarely used area that my mom and I transferred a bunch of day lilies and irises to a few years ago. I also planted a Chinese Pistache and Gingko tree back there to add some future Fall color for my back drive (and the creek walkers). The chicken coop will go under the huge Cottonwood tree in that unused area (but not too close because we have some crafty raccoons and possums (ick!) living somewhere in the 'hood.

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