14 April 2014

Postage Stamp

So the yard I have neglected is what might be considered a "postage stamp" sized yard. It's not very interesting. Except for the old (needing to be restored again) laundry line, the air conditioner and our beloved almond tree, the yard hasn't really offered or kept much over the years except for its use as a bathroom for the doggies.

East Yard

And some promise...

Work in Progress

I am once again exterminating Monkey Grass from our place. That and involuntary trees. I am about 60 percent done with the digging in that bed up there. It took me a good chunk of Saturday afternoon to get that much done. I am planning to plant some watermelon, cantaloupe, herbs, etc in there once I am done. And in the bed across the path I'd like to plant an evergreen plant if I can locate the right one.

Work in Progress

I was thinking of moving a Yaupon Holly that is too close to my bedroom window, but that may go elsewhere (back drive). Actually, maybe I should transplant the Monkey Grass to the back drive along with that holly and some English Ivy. All for "free" folks...

All I need to do now is focus and dig, focus and dig, focus and dig...


  1. That hurts my back just hearing about it! I do miss the days when I did something in the yard and felt the pain of accomplishment. haha

    1. Jackie, my lower back does hurt after I work in the yard... I am sure I need to be strengthening my abs so that my back won't scream so much but that's no fun....


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