24 April 2014


So, these little guys seem to be doing well right now.


As are these little ladies.

Coop Bed

We are looking forward to harvesting LOTS of good things this summer.  

But I am a little concerned about my almond tree. While I have pruned the tree every year, I have not pruned as directed. Two years ago I should have lopped off the smaller branches from the bottom. 

This Spring I started with this....

Almond (Before)

And when I got the loppers out and started getting rid of unproductive branches and suckers, I ended up with this:

Almond (After)

While I think it looks nice, it doesn't look like the hardy ones I see being shaken at harvest time. Maybe this Fall I should be more aggressive. I got rid of a bunch of branches, but I couldn't bring myself to cut any that are currently bearing fruit.


  1. I think it's so cool that you're able to harvest so many things at your home!

    1. Fingers crossed on the almonds. Some of the nuts have dropped off but from what I have researched, that is normal and the green almonds are edible if one is game....and we were this past weekend. My fig tree did not like the freezing rain we had back in December so she's starting from the ground up and I am not sure we'll have any figs this year. I am so thankful for the stuff that does grow in my yard though...


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