11 March 2014

Not Pinterested

Cruisin' around the internet looking for some easy ways to make red roses for our Kentucky Derby party and I think I may be missing out on a whole boatload of things not being "on Pinterest". I am a fairly ambitious woman and I get my fair share of ideas for food and crafts, etc without Pinterest, and I can Google with the best of them. Plus I can't handle being "on" anything else. I don't have the time for another computer timesuck, I have earmarked that time for FaceBook where I can keep up with framily AND sometimes ideas for food and crafts come to me without me having to search.

Tonight I was looking for DIY tutorial for tiny red felt roses so I could somehow create a miniature "Garland of Roses" for my cool horse weathervane (a.k.a. "Flip"). I am not so ambitious that I need the mini garland to be comprised of exactly 554 roses, but I'd like it to at least resemble the real rose garland. I thought it would be cool to crochet the red roses myself and then I reminded myself that I never learned how to crochet more than a straight line. Don't worry though, it's on The List.

I hit the motherlode just shy of Pinterest because I didn't (couldn't) go in. I (try to) know my weaknesses and limitations. I found a cool rose mobile that must be made I might make. And I definitely want to make a red rose wreath for my door but I've wanted to do that since the last felt wreath session! Maybe I could re-use my Christmas Peace wire wreath (yet again) with roses this time. So many options!

Actually, I might make a cool horseshoe rose wreath for the front door.

Ok, enough of the wreaths and garlands, I need some floating roses for the pool...maybe some candles?


  1. Nolita, your parties sound like so much fun -- and no wonder -- the attention you pay to the details is admirable and inspiring! Sounds like you fill your time "doing" things instead of looking at them (no disrespect intended, Pinterest fans) -- I also opted not join.

    1. I agree. I often think about how to survive if there were no Pinterest, no internet, no government, no electricity. I like to challenge myself, not worry myself, but sometimes I wonder how businesses and restaurants stay open or families stay in the black. How did we get by before and how would be again if we had to? On a less serious note, I spent much of yesterday making pretty felt roses. Will post the mini garland in a bit. I have 17 regular size roses ready to be made into a horsehoe mobile or wreath. It all depends on which materials materialize from mi casa!


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