18 November 2011

Peace Be With You

Well, I haven't done a thing with my old peace wreath frame since I removed the lights and faux pine last month. I almost painted it but then I backed out. I'm so fickle about what I should do with it.
Wreath backstory in pictures:

From the OrganicBouquet.com website in 2005

And on our door with a precious baby girl in 2005

Snowman Peace Wreath
What it looked like in 2008

Peace Wreath to Upcycle
Latest incarnation

I have decided to use natural materials (I have a pine tree out back) and perhaps just follow this tradition each year. I had originally thought about making a cool yarn wreath or maybe even a living wreath, but I think I'll opt for the simple, fragrant option...

I'm also planning to make a couple of the wreaths we made last year to be gifted and we'll keep one for us to hang up indoors.

So pretty and festive...

I'm thinking RED this time! Or maybe a Sooner version with crimson and cream. We have a few other crafty ideas for gifts too --- I hope they turn out as well as I'm imagining..

What do you think? Are you being crafty this Christmas?


  1. I havent even begain to think of Christmas yet! I looked at a few decorations at walmart the other day but im just not in the spirit yet. hopefully when we get back I will be. & awww @ emi! so cute!!!

  2. Shawna, bring something (or a few things) back from CA that inspire you and go with it for Christmas!

  3. I haven't thought about Thanksgiving yet, much less Christmas. haha

    I love the idea of pine cones on the peace wreath. That would be pretty.

    The wreath you made fore gifts is adorable. I was really into it until you started talking about those sooner colors. lol j/k Actually thoses colors would look pretty and they could keep it up year around. I can't believe how far you are thinking ahead. I used to be like that. You have to when your kids are young.

    I hope you post the picuters of how they turn out. I would love to see a tutorial on it. :-)

    Have a great weekend!

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  5. I definitely want to be crafty for Christmas this year...just not sure if and when I will! :)

    I LOVE your front door! I really want to get a new front door, but my husband doesn't think that's a priority right now. I'd have to agree...

  6. Jackie, you have just a few days to get ready for T-Day! Are you hosting it at your house? W.r.t. thinking ahead, thank goodness I have a job where I can get away from the crazy business of my life to think about how I want things. Otherwise it would be constantly reacting, no planning. Did you want me to send you a Sooner wreath? ;.)

    Melissa, yes, the door is really cool but a small pain to clean (that glass). I'm getting ready to post pictures of what it looks like today because I hung the wreath. I hope the pine keeps for a while but I am not holding my breath since it was so hot this summer. I lost a pine tree in the back yard...

    Hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend!


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