17 November 2013

Crafty Flexibility

Two years ago I found a craft to do that I thought would be helpful in garnering a thankful attitude at Thanksgiving. I talked myself out of doing that craft because I didn't want to have a duplicate item to clean, care for and store. (we have a French message board for holiday cards which can be used for this purpose.)

Isn't that precious?
Recently we took a trip to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies for lingering art projects... and you know how this story ends. Stuff finds its way into the cart and 1 project grows into 20. I checked out the frames but thought they were too nice and also too much money for my project.

So I found a cool frame for $7 at Salvation Army (we already had the twine and clothespins) and had removed the glass and was hunting for eye screws when I saw the Chevron wrapping paper in the corner and things took a new route.

Chevron Love
I'm loving the B&W chevron!
So then I decided to scrap the blessing board in favor of another wall hanging project I've been wanting to do. Family silhouettes! I wanted to do this the quickest easiest way so I found a tutorial on making silhouettes in PSE to print and started down that path.  When I found out that we didn't have a lot of ink in the printer things changed course yet again and I went back to First Grade thinking. (Note: I think the silhouettes done as in the tutorial would make some very cool cards in the future)

I decided to make the silhouettes in pencil sketch and use them to cut out the actually silhouettes in black posterboard (so much cheaper). So late last night I had the profiles ready but when I put them on the cool chevron board, the seemed to need something to make them pop. I grabbed that leftover ocean green paint and got busy (messy) and by this point I was ready for the craft to be done.

Eh! I am thinking I was a little rash with the paint...

I am not thoroughly pleased with how it turned out but I am very happy it didn't cost me much money or time.

I AM glad I didn't toss the glass as I originally intended and I can always scrap this paper and have another go it it. I actually have some red and white chevron paper that might be better to add our silhouettes to... for now, I am done with this one...  

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