29 July 2012

Week Ending

We had a full weekend of family and friends, so I can't really complain that it's coming to an end, can I?

Friday I was home early from a chock full half day at work. I fought off a nap to take the girls (Emi, Aubri and Gracie) to Petco. The guys went to Tahlequah to visit with Scott's grandparents so we made it a Girls' Day/Night.

We looked at the rats (for future pet consideration) and got Gracie a chew toy, and then we went home to make nachos for dinner. Don't judge, we also made brownies! I let the girls alternate between H2O and Diego (which Aubri said she likes better than Dora by the way) while I mowed the front lawn real quick-like (with the Reel mower) and quick-detailed the Disco.  Then took on the unlovely chore of shampooing the carpet in the bedroom.  I dragged the shampooer and dehumidifier up from the basement and got busy.

After I was satisfied that I'd scrubbed the carpet clean and the dehumidifier was doing its job, I joined the girls in catching up on the mermaids and then we crashed in the Living Room. Actually, just me and Aubri...Emi decided to head up to her room sometime after midnight.

Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Ozzie's.



Then we checked out a few local garage sales and a thrift store and went home to join some friends in the back yard. We swam and caught up (and I failed to get any pictures!) and after they left, we 3 gals took a long, fat nap. Well, I tried to finish up The Walking Dead first (still have a few pages left).

In the evening, we girls went over to Emi's friend's house for the last summer movie in the back yard party.  (Daddy and David joined us when they got back from Tahlequah.) Instead of the usual burgers and beers (for the adults, ya'll, the kids had their own drinks), we had kabobs and wine. It was a lot of fun.

The Reds
It was supposed to be a blind taste test but we weren't being sticklers...and we mixed reds and whites, but so what?

Kelly, David, Carol and Nols
We had fun!

In the wine tastings we've had before, we were serious in that we all tasted the same wine at the same time, we discussed the bouquet and the legs and the taste and we wrote these details down in our notes. Then we'd move on to the next bottle and the next and the next and at the end, we'd vote. This was more of a free-for-all but we did have winners!

Red Winner

The White Winner

And the kids had fun playing inside and out. The zipline, swings, trampoline and the movie...don't forget about the movie...

Watching Johnny English
Watching Johnny English
* I am hoping that we convinced Steve to have more of these in the Fall ("for the kids")...

Today we had lunch at my parent's house on the lake. I got to see 3 of my 4 siblings and their kiddos today and that was nice so we could catch up at least a little.  The missing brother has a good excuse - he lives in Tampa.  We drove the Red Flyer down to the water's edge and saw how low the lake was...

Bigger Beach Area This Year

Lake is Low

It was way too hot to be out for long so we didn't check out much on the lake...

Scott brought home his dad's childhood train set yesterday and today he set it up for the kids to see (I don't think they are allowed to actually play with this toy).

Is It Christmas Already?

It looked like Christmas to me. David actually suggested we set it up with the tree this Christmas... Already thinking ahead, that boy! Are you already thinking about Christmas? I've seen some postings on FaceBook that stores are putting out Christmas items...in July!

I hope you had a weekend packed with family, friends, hugs and good times...


  1. Yes we have! We were all talking how life is going to be different by then. Looking for a new house( prefer country) ,Davids job is just blessings after blessings and having Jaz here. Its just been David and I unwrapping present, so its gonna be nice to have Jazzys smile with us, and they reminded me how fat Im going to be lol.

    1. This Christmas is going to be so awesome for you guys! So happy for you!

  2. Nolita, what a great weekend -- yes, almost like "Christmas in July!" -- thanks to your gift for capturing FAMILY and FUN in your words and photos. I've been to some formal wine tastings, too -- your version sounds like a blast! :)

    1. Kim, good people with good food and good wine = good time for sure. You are welcome and thank you for sharing your life and passions with us!


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