01 July 2012

Ten Ten

Yesterday we celebrated Emi's TENTH birthday! (I am still having trouble processing that.)

I have a 5th grader!!

I remember when she was just a little preschooler...

My baby girl when she was 3

Now she's into the double-digits and acting all teenagery...

Baby girl at 10
She opted for pie over cake this year so I picked up a Coconut Cream pie, a Chocolate Cream pie, a Millionaire Cream pie and an Apple pie from Pioneer Pies. Everybody loves pie, right?

Emi got pied:

Emi Pie
Emi was left holding on tight to the pie
Aubri got pied:

Fear the Beard
Fear the Beard (the whipped cream beard)
And David got pied:

David, Pied
Somebody ensured that the pie got into his lovely curls that are growing back...

Later on we had some Nutella Gelato that we made earlier in the day (Giada calls it Chocolate-Hazelnut Gelato but we call it like it is!) It was di-vine!

Nutella Gelato
This is all we have left now....it's all over but the crying...

It was an exhausting weekend for a couple of us with getting the yard in shape for the party (in 100+ degree weather) and then hosting a sleepover after the pool party. I was falling asleep in church and then later at my folks' house I snuggled up in a chair and succumbed to slumber....

Now, I am ready to slow things down a little for this short work week and am looking forward to taking it easy for the 4th...

How about you, any big plans for Independence Day?


  1. Aww, they do grow so very fast. Now my oldest baby is getting ready to give us our first grandchild.


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