11 July 2012

San Diego

We slept in a bit (we were still 2 hours ahead of the gang) and breathed in that fresh ocean air most of the morning.

Then we finally got our stuff together and ventured out for breakfast. We opted for twisted farm food at Hash House a gogo.

Hash House A Go Go
The kids' grandmother seemed to favor this restaurant...wonder why..GoGo!!

I started off with a drink that was too big to finish (even with help from the fam).

Iced Coconut Mocha
Iced Coconut Mocha (bigger than my head!) - can you see the wheels turning in David's head?

Before our food arrived we were treated to some mid-morning bershon by 2/3 of my kids. Bravo!

Double Bershon

Luckily GoGo and PaPa advised us to share an entree. I almost ordered the chicken and waffles but decided to go with a Farm Benedict off the brunch menu. Specifically,

Andy's sage fried chicken w/ fresh spinach, hardwood smoked bacon, market tomato, griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream and scrambled eggs

Another View of Andy's Sage Fried Chicken

I'm not sure my whole family could have polished off this dish but we gave it the old college try... we did also have the yogurt and honey with berries to consume. (which we did)


For those of you following along from home, this is NOT a dish I feel I have to replicate at home. Of course now that I've typed that, it will probably show up on my blog again.... in the cold, cold days of winter as extreme comfort food.

Next up was Coronado Beach. We lucked out and got a couple of close spots and we were on the beach in no time.  I hadn't planned on actually swimming in the ocean so I didn't have my bathing suit on. Good thing too because my belleh was protruding big time with that twisted farm food.

So some differences between the beaches we are used to in Florida and the one we visited in California are:

1) the sand is not white on the beaches of California (at least not at Coronado Beach). Instead there was a golden glitter to the darker sand. No big difference I guess, but it seemed...made up...

Glittery Feet

and 2) the water is COLD!!!! I only waded up to my knees but I was shocked by the extreme temperature change.

David and PaPa (just sayin')

After a few hours of play and lots of rinsing off (which still wasn't enough I found out), we left the beach and headed to - not another museum or monument but - Costco!!! (a store we don't have in Oklahoma) We needed to gas up and see if they had any more of those awesome backpack chairs that PaPa and GoGo had at the beach. They did and we were so happy. What a score. I can't wait to use them at Winfield.

My New Favorite Concert/Camping Chair
Portable and has lots of pockets for your stuff....my kind of chair for sure!

After lunch and shopping at Costco, Scott, Emi and I stopped at Trader Joe's and loaded up on dark chocolate snacks and a case of wine to restock our reserves at home. We also picked up some doggie treats for Gracie.  So far the trip has been educational, inspirational, economical and fun. Tomorrow we get to meet the Little Ones' great grandparents!

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