20 July 2012

Ready to Fly

This week has been an adventure for me.  Learning lots about the program and the people and the processes. I am suffering from Information Overload (but I'm an information junkie, so that's ok).

Along with meetings and work, I've been enjoying some Good Eats...

Banh Mi
Pork Roll and Pate Banh Mi from Lee's

My OC Dog from Jerry's Dogs

I failed to capture my Fish Taco Combo with black beans and brown rice at Wahoo's

And I've enjoyed nature close by..

Bunnies on Campus
Bunnies on CSU Campus

Hummingbirds Loved This Plant
I watched hummingbirds feeding from this tree (and they are HARD to photograph)

Cal State Univ - Fullerton
Peaceful Fountain
But I am ready to get home...

Leaving California


  1. look at those bunnies! so cute :)

    sometimes home is the best ever!

    1. I know! They are pests in people's yards though. Cute on campus. I agree, home is the best. Travel is fun but it's good to be home again!

  2. Bunnies, bunnies everywhere...hey, looks like my backyard right now.

    1. When we were visiting the Little Ones's grandparents the week before, there were pest bunnies in their yard too. Not so cute when they are chewing up favorite plants. I am finding grasshoppers are destroying the plant life in my neck of the woods with the extreme heat and lack of rain... hope construction is coming along nicely for you!

  3. Fish tacos with black beans and rice? Oh my...

    Didn't mean to focus on the FOOD ;), but I'm glad you came, you learned, (you ate well), and you conquered. Welcome back!

    1. Yes, every fish taco I had in California was very good. And when I came home Friday evening, my family had made fish tacos for dinner as well. Yum! Thanks!


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