09 July 2012

Monday, Monday

We spent much of Monday at The Cove where the Little Ones' aunt runs the show.  We have never taken Emi to a water park because up until this year, the closest water parks were gross and not very close. And we deftly avoided eye contact with any of the children any time we passed by the new water park in Norman so as to avoid having to actually take them there....

This water park was not gross and was just small enough to be enjoyable.

The Cove Band

Sweet Girl

Emi and Mommy

Exiting Her Favorite Slide


Daddy and Emi

Hugging Aunt "Micole"

My favorite part was the Lazy River. Aubri actually fell asleep in Daddy's arms while we were floating the Lazy River and she woke up and protested when we decided to get out. That's when we decided it was time to go...

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