14 July 2012

Home Again, Home Again

We slept in this morning. I wanted to savor the peacefulness of our room for a bit longer...

View From Non-Skeevy Hotel

After we loaded up Beulah, we headed to The 40 and put some miles behind us before stopping for gas and breakfast at Sedilla. We ate our authentic breakfast burritos and quesadillas family-style outside the car in the nice NM breeze. Favorite road-side meal so far. Reminded me of our stop in LA eating shrimp boudin from a gas station.

Just What Mama Needed
Sweet nectar of the gods

We were in Santa Rosa by 11:30 and decided not to stop for lunch in favor of just getting home already. We opted to grab some quick snacks and only stop when someone absolutely couldn't hold it any longer (twice). We were greeted to a few short rain showers as we entered the panhandle of Oklahoma but nothing in our neighborhood.

After we lavished a good amount of affection on to the dog and unloaded the car, Emi and I got started on dinner (spinach quesadillas and chicken tacquitoes), I opened up my celebratory beer and we tested out the TJ's salsa.

Welcome Home

It is soooooo goooood to be home!


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