28 May 2012

Roast Host

So I mentioned a couple of posts back that we were going to roast a pig this weekend. The first time I had lechon was back in April 1999 at my mom's house in Florida. Scott, my sister and I drove to Pinellas Park to pick up a pig that someone else had roasted for us.

It was definitely a fun occasion...

Trying to get out of the box...
And no part of that pig was wasted.  All family members left with baggies full of pork to enjoy in a another meal or two.

Uncle Pete (RIP) was joking about using the pig's teeth to replace some of his own!


The first pig roast we did ourselves was back in February 2008 when my mom and sister got back from the Philippines. We were celebrating our birthdays (mine and my sister's) in the typical Filipino fashion, by roasting a pig and inviting a bunch of people over to eat.

PigRoast 046
Emi decided to try a pig's ear...I believe they call it ChicharrĂ³n...
[Note: This was David's first experience with lechon and he wasn't as adventurous as his big sister (no surprises there). He saw the pigs on the pole and opted not to have any pork at all.]

We did the roasting in our fire bowl and had a hard time keeping the temperature consistent and at one point the pig's sutures came apart and emergency surgery was performed. But the pig turned out wonderful and we sent everyone home with lechon after the kids had scavenged parts like the ears, eyeballs and brains. Kids are gross!

The next time we roasted a pig was in April 2009 for Scott's birthday.  We thought that the pig would be done by 2:30 pm, so friends and family came by early to have a drink or two and check out the pig.

Nols and Mark
This was 2 hours AFTER the pig was supposed to be done...
Pork was finally served around 7:45 that evening so you can imagine what shape our guests were in...

So this time the guys got busy prepping the pigs early in the day Friday. They decided to get 2 pigs as they were deemed a little on the small side and they also decided to build a pig pit this time.

Home Made Pig Roaster
My brother-in-law, Gabe, with the piggies.

Getting There
My man having a turn turning...
Shortly after this picture was taken the guys had an emergency situation (as per usual) in that the pole broke in the middle. They had to run to Home Depot to make repairs.

I didn't capture a lot of pictures that day as I had to be at Emi's school (her last day of 4th grade!) to run the Sundae Bar after lunch. And then later I was busy playing host in the back yard. It was a very nice time with my family and friends. Loved seeing the kiddos running around making new friends and catching fireflies!

It was a great start to a summer filled with promises of more fun with family and friends!


  1. What a fun family tradition! The "pig pit" story was a hoot, too -- thank goodness for Home Depot. :) I enjoyed learning about your family and feasts!

    1. Those guys probably need to learn that it's not really about the pig. It was a great time with a diverse crowd which really makes for a great time!

  2. Boy, what an "adventure" in your own backyard.

    1. I know! It usually is. I think next time we will try something smaller that won't scar the Middle Child for life (and take forever!) Hope you are having a great weekend!


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