24 May 2012

She's Back!!

We got Salty back from the shop Tuesday and she looks so much better than she did last month.

Hey there, Girl!
Welcome Home!
Remember this?

Trampoline on Disco
No way that just happened!

Well she has a brand new windshield, repairs and fresh paint on the hood and roof, new headliner and some sexy raised lettering.

Raised Letters

Hood Damage

This is what she looked like before...

No More Oxidized Spots
And that oxidized spot is now gone! Yay!

Looking forward to tooling around the town on this long Memorial weekend, running errands and hitting some yard sales...

We're hosting another roast at our house (lechon) to start off the weekend (my nephew is graduating high school!). In addition to the fun family celebration time,  I'm hoping for some quality time in the pool and finishing my book (11/22/63).

I hope you guys have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Nolita, it's great to hear that you're close to finishing your book (hooray!) and I hope you enjoy some quality R & R between writing. Have a great weekend! (Glad your vehicle is fixed -- looks nice!)


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