04 February 2012

What's Up?

My second RDO was more like it. Woke up at my normal time and made pancakes for the family and fed the animals.  After I kissed the mister goodbye, I put on my flip flops and dropped the kiddos off at their schools. Then I headed home to catch up on laundry and other household chores...and a nap during the thundery part of the day. Love napping during a rainstorm...

When Emi got out of school we headed out for a quick grocery trip and to retrieve little brother and little sister. Once I had the kids and the groceries unloaded I headed out to meet the girls (Stacey, Stina and Kristy) for a Happy Hour at InterUrban. It was so nice to catch up in person...most of our talk lately has been via e-mail or FaceBook since I started my new job...

Saturday involved more cleaning and Emi had another basketball game. We lost even though the girls played very well..the other team was older and taller and well, better. That will hopefully force us to get better.

Scott and I tried in vain to whittle down our DVR queue and we had some success. We watched 4 episodes of Glee and deleted at least double that of SuperWhy. Of course I added more to the DVR queue in the bedroom Friday as we have free movie channels this month and some movies seemed to jump out at me while I was folding laundry. Last year this time we watched 2 seasons of Dexter because we were down with the flu and had so many snow days.  This winter's been warm and balmy...so no luck on TV marathon opportunities. It's so warm these days that the plants are even corn-fused.

Is it Springtime yet?

Ready or not, here we come!

Enjoying the long weekend...with my family and friends...


  1. I must have missed the long weekend. What was it for? That is what I get not working at a government job. :-)

    Hope you enjoyed your time off.


  2. Nolita, I love napping during thunderstorms, too! Unfortunately they tend to disrupt my satellite internet (oh joy), which explains (in part) why I've been sporadic in commenting on your blog the last couple of months. (The other reason is "work" -- let's just say it's been "fun.") Glad you got to spend some much needed time at home. Flips flops rule! :)


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