10 February 2012

On Such a Winter's Day

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is gray
I've been for a walk
On a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in LA
California Dreamin
On such a winter's day

Well, friends, I got a reprieve from the brown "winter" of Oklahoma this past week when I scored a work trip to sunny California...

Home Away From Home
My home away from home...

The first night in town we spent with my friend, Gail-san! at Rutabegorz.  We gals enjoyed some nice red wine and some chips with jalapeno dip. The restaurant reminded me of being in Austin...

Gail-san and Nolita-san (not pictured Chantelle-san)
Can you tell that Nolita-san needed some sleep?

The next day was filled with meetings and side meetings and training sessions and face time and getting to know my new co-workers. My stomach and brain were on Oklahoma time so by the time the work day was over, I was starving....and also ready to get into my PJs and order room service. But I pushed through that when my co-workers mentioned free drinks for Happy Hour (sangria, sangria) at their hotel (next time I might have to stay there!) and then we enjoyed some Korean BBQ.

Yummy Korean BBQ
See the squid?

I grilled my own squid and chicken and we gals watched the guys go into caveman mode cooking and eating plate after plate of meat. It was very entertaining.

On the 3rd night there my brain was crying "uncle" so I stayed in my hotel room and ate leftover sushi and sesame chicken. And I had myself some more of the red wine we bought at Target.

mischief maker
I HAD to buy this brand of wine...(note: I was not disappointed)

For lunches we stocked up on roasted tomato hummus (will definitely make this at home!), pita chips, fresh fruit, almonds and water etc from the Fresh & Easy grocery store. I thought I was inlove with that store until we hit Trader Joe's (!) on our way to the airport on our last day. Just kidding....there's actually room in my heart for both awesome stores!

TJ Salads
TJ's Produce!

For my airport lunch, I picked up a wonderful pasta salad comprised of spiral pasta, chick peas, feta cheese and a wonderful vinaigrette. I plan to recreate this yummy salad at home soon... it was very satisfying.

TJ Breads
Yummy TJ's Breads

I showed restraint in the bread section and only got some Curry Flavored Tandoori Naan to take home. I also brought home a few dark chocolate items, baking items, brown rice, taco seasoning, veggie/fruit bars, etc. (items I could easily shove into my luggage)

My TJ Haul
My TJ's Haul (not picture: 2 Dark Chocolate Caramel bars with Black Sea salt)

The manager I spoke with told me that TJ's was opening 2 locations in Texas and 2 in Oklahoma in the next couple of years!!!! (30 more locations in all) This excites me beyond words. He said that they would locate in college towns and I am hoping that that means OU!

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