02 August 2011

Little Things I'm Thankful for Today *

1) Hollywood Tape. I love my thin linen baby aqua top from Harold's but I don't love flashing co-workers or the director of the Little Ones' new school (sorry!). And it's too hot outside to even wear a camisole underneath. Two small pieces of Hollywood tape and I am good to go. Not even my crossbody bag can undo the hold of this double sided tape.

No More Gaping
2) Dark Sweet Cherries. I have been gorging myself on them for the past 24 hours. They are a taste of summer. But not my summer because mine is dried up and dusty.

3) Leftovers. Gnocchi pasta with turkey, mushroom, grape tomatoes and feta cheese leftover from Sunday dinner allowed us to get into the pool tout de suite last night after dinner. Spinach Artichoke dip made for snacking this weekend allowed me to avoid grabbing my lunch from the employee break room today.

4) My $1 J.Jill cable knit cardigan. While it's hot as blazes outside, it's still cold and drafty in my office and this cardi that I snagged at a garage sale earlier this summer has been as welcomed as an old friend these days.

*The Big Things are, of course, God, my husband and my family and friends (and our pool).

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