12 August 2011

Lather, Rinse, Repeat (last Friday's lunch hour)

Well, almost. I was going to go to Natural Grocers yesterday to pick up a free Giovanni shampoo or conditioner (NG sent me a coupon in the mail!) and some lunch but I was sidetracked by all of the gorgeous rain and ended up going home to revel in the rain (and document that it really happened). So today at lunch I ran by and picked out a conditioner, grabbed some apples and yogurt and when I went by to grab my beloved chicken curry naanwich, I found there were none left. *sad face* There were some naanwiches of the chicken kebab variety so I grabbed one of those and hightailed it back to work. Oh, friends - this naanwich might even be better than last week's! When I see "kebab" I think of bamboo skewers of grilled meat and veggies, but this sandwich is comprised of a chicken patty and is very yummy....and spicy. I love spice! So I'm thinking we will be having an "Indian Night" at our house soon and serve homemade naanwiches and hummus...  Maybe we can eat our dinner sitting on pillows in the living room and watch an encore presentation of Like Stars on Earth (Ishan!)

In other news, I recently took an online Defensive Driving Course to renew my DDC discount on my auto insurance and learned a new term that I should have known about and somehow never heard before now. How is that possible at 42? Microsleep. [This term was brought up in the sections on impaired driving.] "Microsleeps are brief, unintended episodes of loss of attention associated with events such as blank stare, head snapping, and prolonged eye closure which may occur when a person is fatigued but trying to stay awake to perform a monotonous task like driving a car or watching a computer screen."

I have lived off of microsleeps for the past 25 years! During college I worked at our local psych hospital data center and one semester of my career there involved weekend graveyard shifts. I would get off work at 7:30am Monday, shower and zip into History of Economics at 8:30am, listen to lecture, take notes, microsleep, take notes, zzzz. It was not so easy trying to decipher my notes that semester. You'd think that "macrosleep" would be the opposite - "long, much intended, much needed episodes of total unconsciousness" but I only found programming in Excel links when Googling (or Binging) that term.  Hoping that this weekend brings me some much needed macrosleep!

One last thing, if you haven't heard of Zee Avi (I first heard of her last Christmas from Sundry's Christmas music mix - No Christmas for Me) go to Spinner's Free MP3 of the day and get her Dwell Window for free.

Happy Weekend, All!

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