02 February 2010

Eagle IRIS

Snow Day
So this past week has been kind of Cabin Feverish for those of us living in Central Oklahoma. Last week we were hit with an Ice Storm followed by several beautiful inches of snow and it was a veritable winter wonderland here. Thursday and Friday were snow days for us. The 4 day weekend was welcomed with open arms. We all were fine with work and school being canceled but when our scout meeting was canceled and also Emi's first basketball game, that made us all a little anxious. We'd already taken advantage of the down time to catch up on DVR'd stuff, read, reorganize the basement & garage, deep clean the bathrooms, shred and purge several boxes of records, play some board games, etc. We were ready for some outside contact! So we tried to integrate back into society on Sunday by going to church and then Home Depot. That kept us from going completely stir crazy (that and FaceBook I should say), but later that night (around 6ish) we got word from IRIS (automated alert system that calls/emails us) that school was canceled for our district because the roads were still bad for bus travel. Okee! That was unexpected because the roads in town were clear. I had to get on FaceBook to check with fellow parents in my district to make sure we weren't getting Punk'd.

Scott took one for the team and stayed home with Emi on Monday and I was G-L-A-D to get back into the swing of things back at the office. So, Monday night was a real nailbiter as we kept seeing neighboring districts canceling school for Tuesday due to Freezing Fog (yipes!) and icy roads. At this point fellow parents were simultaneously volunteering to drive out to pick up kids in the rural areas and fantasizing about run-ins with the school superintendent if he should decide to cancel school on Tuesday and sometime after 8 PM (!) IRIS called us to let us know that school was canceled again (4 days!)!!! Scott and I were starting to wonder if IRIS had taken on a life of her own a la Eagle Eye.
I took time off today to hang with Emi and I have been praying all day that school will be in session tomorrow. I heard a rumor from another mom that school might be out until THURSDAY! I want to believe that I will be taking my daughter to school tomorrow morning because IRIS in fact has NOT called yet, but there is still the element of surprise with an early morning cancelation.

Two years ago much of Norman was without power for a week and we were more sympathetic to school's being closed. But this extended break seemed a bit overmuch. And according to the 4Warn team we are to expect a "winter mix" Thursday and another winter storm on Monday. Please don't let IRIS know!

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