11 December 2007


We have electricity!! When the Ice Storm came in on Sunday evening our neighborhood trees were devastated by the heavy ice forming so quickly. We lost power Monday at 3am and in the dark we listened to the crack, pop and crash of limbs falling to the ground. It was eerie and much like being in a Stephen King novel (specifically Lisey's Story). We had phone service until late Monday afternoon when our pine tree snapped and took the phone line down with it...

We were without power until Friday evening. Lucky for us we had my sister's house to go to the first night, then my parents' house for the next 3 nights. So we were warm and fed, but being displaced was no fun. Our dogs wondered what they had done wrong when they had to stay in the garage. I guess now they will be on their best behavior. ;.)

Coming home every day in the cold and the gloom of the weather that followed the storm was depressing when we were still without power. The routine became, come home in the morning to feed the cats and drop off the dogs, head to work, come back home after work to pick up the dogs and clothes for the next day, feed the cats and assess the situation. We were getting ready to head out to the lake on Friday evening when the power clicked on. Had we been running on time, we might have missed that.

Our neighborhood looks like a war zone. Sad to see so many of the old trees completely gone or missing much of their limbs. We were lucky that our neighbor's mostly dead Silver Leaf Maple tree didn't fall onto our house.


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