16 November 2009

Dreading vs. Dredding

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods since July when I pre-ordered it and it finally arrived TODAY! I found a link to Sweet Salty from Better Now earlier this year and was excited to hear that Kate was writing her first novel, a children's book. If it's anywhere near as good writing as her blog entries are, we are in for a real treat. That woman can tell a story. Because of Kate and her beautiful writing, I have put Nova Scotia on my list of places to travel. May not get to crack open the book until the end of the week because my evenings are booked with Emi hair appointments. I am painstakingly combing out the braids and dividing them into smaller braids, one section at a time to keep all of our sanity...it's barely working because her hair has loc'd a little, but her hair is slowly looking cute and cared for again. And we stop before either one of us is in too much pain and sleep it off...Book review and braid pics to come...

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