18 January 2016


This long weekend felt a little longer than it actually was because Scott was down with the flu. Single momming it made me appreciate how much I could not do this alone.

Friday wasn't too bad because I was in Errand Mode already: I delivered a trunkful of donations to Salvation Army, big grocery shopped at Sam's, unloaded groceries at home, got my hair chopped off, picked up some farro at Sprouts, picked up little ones from school,  gave them a snack at home and then picked up the bigger one plus one at her school.  Emi and her friend wanted to see Ride Along 2, so I hauled all of the kids up to the theatre to drop them off, then me and the little ones picked up the remaining items needed for the weekend and made naan personal pizzas that night so dinner was easy.

During all of this, I kept Scott dosed with Theraflu and in bed because we really needed him better. Emi's movie was over after the little ones were in bed so I was able to fly solo to pick her and her friend up from the theatre. Night one was over and I was feeling a little worn out.

Saturday morning, I got up early and made a huge batch of pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Scott was still feeling puny so I took David with me to Aubri's basketball game so he could rest.

Aubri's Basketball Game

 We zipped home for a quick lunch and then the 3 of us went to David's back to back games.


After that, it was smooth sailing except for the near constant interruptions of my peaceful domesticated chores by the little ones. It's not so easy when I cannot tag out for a while. Somehow we got through Saturday. After I got the little ones in bed, I treated myself to a little re-binge-watching of Veep.

Sunday, I cleaned up the sun room so that I could try to get a start on growing some plants for the garden, but I didn't quite get around to the planting of the seeds. I was happy with the progress though because I can see the floor and there's a clear path from the Gathering Room to outside again.

And now there's a safe place for Emi to charge her new hoverboard. Note: I am not a fan of the hoverboard and did not buy this for her. She researched them for a long time and afterwards, spent her own money to purchase this.  Maybe if it really hovered I'd be impressed...

Is it safe?
The robot voice makes it sound impressive but it just hauls people around, no?

Today, for MLK day I decided to make a cake with coconut rum (and some homemade chicken soup to get the mister healthy again). I used a boxed cake mix, but I subbed coconut oil for butter and coconut milk for water, then I added pumpkin puree, 2 bananas and some coconut rum. This made a fragrant and gorgeous cake batter.

Kicked up Cake Batter

For the frosting I used the rest of the can of coconut milk, 1/4 cup softened butter, 4 oz softened cream cheese, confectioner's sugar and coconut rum. It wasn't a thick frosting because of the coconut milk and rum, but it was so very good.  I would call it a thick glaze.

Kicked Up Cake

I would also call it a good way to end the long weekend. Happy MLK Day!

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