01 January 2016

Last Day

New Year's Bouquet
Things started off great with lumpia and snacks, getting set up for The Big Game...
Lumpia Fry Cook


This flag didn't help us...
And things went downhill from there. We lost against Clemson in the Orange Bowl. But I'd still rather have been in Florida than cold, gloomy Oklahoma that night. We didn't wait until midnight for the champagne cupcakes.

Bubbly Cupcakes

Later, we bundled up and walked around until our feet got numb.

Peaceful Ducks


Emi and Dakota


At midnight, we toasted with the bubbly and rang in the new year from downtown OKC with fireworks that were only visible in the reflection of another hotel nearby.

Toast PhotoYum!

 Sayonara, 2015! Hello, New Year!

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