01 August 2015

Recharge & Go

After the long/late visit with family on Independence Day, it was really hard to get going the next morning as planned. I got up early to let the dog out, but then I got back into bed, and wanted to stay there all day. We had to shoehorn ourselves out of my mom's house and our stuff into our car (which was difficult as our stuff had expanded and we had the 3rd kid riding back with us) and get on the road already. Just a few hours late. But we had one more important stop to make before home.

We weathered another massive rainstorm on the way to see the Best Neighbors Ever! It was just like the deluge of rain we received when we neared my mom's place at the beginning of this trip. So things were a little damp when we got there and our friends were in the middle of a kitchen renovation, but it was great to be with them again.

David, Calum, Aubri, Jack and Emi

Since we last visited them, they have taken up beekeeping and we got some spoils from their hard work. How cool is that? (And we are also researching getting our own bees.)

McFetridge Honey

I was still feeling puny from the night before, so Pete decided some hot coffee was just the thing I needed. He's a bit of a connoisseur of coffee and has many tools and gadgets for making perfect cups of coffee. Aubri wanted to help him with every step of the process. My little barista-in-training.

Roasting Coffee Beans

She helped him from the roasting of the coffee beans to the pouring of frothy foam into the brew.

Lots of important things going on in this blurry photo...

David helped a little...not really...he just looked cute!

Brown Noser
Brown Noser
The kids played outside for a bit and swung in the cool swing and Pete showed us around their place showing us what had changed since we were there last.

The Big Swing

There were a lot of fruiting trees and the Butterfly Ginger from my mom's place had really taken off in his yard. I wish my poor ginger would take off. I am lucky to have a sole surviving plant in my yard.

Ponderosa Lemon

Now there's a vineyard too!

Pete's Vineyard

Loved having them next door!


For dinner we went to their go-to seafood place for some "swamp boil". It was lovely to feast on seafood one last time before leaving Florida.

After dinner we chillaxed some more at their place and briefly considered staying the night, until we really thought about how many more hours we had left on this trip. While it was hard to leave, we really needed to make tracks.



My teenager - she turned 13 on this trip!!!

So we grouped together for a picture just like we did last time.
McFetridges & Morgans
January 2013 (the LAST visit)

McFetridges and Morgans
 July 2015

And then we were off again....

Man I wish we were still neighbors!

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